The Filleron Needle Free Treatment uses controlled air pressure to administer cross linked Hyaluronic Acid into the skin.  This treatment can be performed on a variety of areas including the lips for increased volume




Did you know Hyaluronic Acid is already present in your body? This gel-like water holding molecule is a moisturise-bonding ingredient that helps to plump skin and increase hydration

Instant results are delivered after one treatment! we recommend to come back in for reassessment and possibly a top up to achieve your desired look.  Ask your practitioner for more information


0.5ml £120 and 1ml £150

Advanced Filleron Treatments


This is a hydration procedure administering small amounts of Hyaluronic acid into the dermal layer of the skin, this then stimulates and increases collagen production and slows down the disintegration as well as stimulate our own hyaluronic acid production which would be naturally depleting otherwise.


Ideally two treatments should be performed one month apart.

One = £250 Two = £400



JAWLINE - Lift, improve definition and enhance youthful appearance.


CHIN - Change the shape by either softening or sharpening.


CHEEKS - To bring volume and lift the face.


NOSE - Realign the nose to enhance natural beauty.


£175 per 1ml


Area’s to be treated Stomach, bingo wings, muffin tops, inner thighs, hips, outer thighs, chin & knees.  Combined with either Ultrasound cavitation (destroy fat cells) or Radio frequency (helps to retighten the skin).


Max of two areas can be treated at one time and treatments are one month apart. One area = £200

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