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Im Julia. 54 years old and have been a Beauty/skin specialist for 30 years,

My Story

With a resume as diverse as my range of facials, I've managed spa's on cruise ships, been the Campus Director of the Florida College of Natural Health in Miami, FL, owned Beauty Solutions in Fareham for 13 years and since 2013 been a skin guru at her home based skin clinic.

My passion is helping clients with their skin, whether that is pre wedding or event, challenges with acne, rosacea or pigmentation or those who want to look their best at any age, with a camera skin analysis to access area's of concern, I can create a treatment plan for you.

Having had acne in my 20's and now obviously worried about the not so welcome signs of age, I have an empathy with those who visit my clinic.

I'm level 4 in advanced skin care trained and with lots of advanced qualifications to my name, I will do all I can to help and understand  what you want to achieve with your skin.

I look forward to helping you on your journey to healthier, glowing skin.

Julia X


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