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The Zemits CrystalFrax RF distributes RF energy through numerous non-invasive metal nano-electrodes, which creates a deep heating of the skin layers. This deep-controlled heat accelerates the creation of dermal collagen and elastin fibers in the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin

There is no pain, or any uncomfortable sensation, purely a deep intense heat. No downtime or recovery.


The main benefit of non-invasive fractional radiofrequency (RF) is that this technology allows deep skin rejuvenation without impacting the entire skin’s surface, because the multiple smooth RF pins cause thermal stress to the dermis in microscopic targeted zones. The intact surrounding tissue helps to increase the skin recovery process.


Treatment includes Sono Skin Scrubber to gently exfoliate and hydrating mask.

One treatment is £95

Course of 3 is £250

Course of 6 is £500

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