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For the ultimate cleanse that leaves skin feeling soft and supple, this cleansing balm is formulated with organic jojoba oil, the natural oil most closely matched to the skin's own sebum, making it suitable for all skin types. Oils bind with dirt, makeup, and debris for a more thorough cleanse. The skin is left with a fresh and supple feel. Essential oils of ylang-ylang and elemi alleviate feelings of irritation while giving skin a clear, revitalized appearance. Ideal for all skin types.


100 Milliliters
  • A formulation of over 85% organic Jojoba oil to balance all skin types. Jojoba also contains collagen and elastin promoting qualities - giving your skin elasticity and strength. Beeswax acts as a pore decongestant and the beautiful blend of 9 essential oils are set to once again, balance all skin types, nourish your skin and make cleansing a luxurious experience.

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