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A very powerful paste that releases the active ingredients slowly during the night. With Vitamins C, B & E. Stabilized Jojoba Oil and Encapsulated Vitamin C combined with Phyto Extract Myrothamnus Flabellifolia and Rice Bran Water to support and enhance the skin's natural nocturnal circadian repair cycle. Improves skin condition, tension, density, elasticity, radiance and freshness


50 Milliliters
  • High potency, through the night, time release repair paste. With Vitamins C, B & E. Stabilised, jojoba oil and encapsulated vitamin C combined with phyto extract myrothamnus flabellifolia and rice bran water to support and enhance the skins natural overnight circadian repair cycle. Empowering skin condition, tone, density,  elasticity, radiance and luminosity.

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