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Immune Complex combines a blend of prebiotics and probiotics to boost the digestive system, thus helping to support heart, brain and immunity health.

“This natural supplement from Rejuvenated supports gut health and immunity with a blend of prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins and antioxidants. Not to be sniffed at as we head into the coldy depths of winter!” Psychologies Magazine

Immune Complex

  • Gut health and immunity are inextricably interlinked; 70% of the immune system is housed within the gut wall. Microbiomes and gut bacteria are considered the main link between general health and the immune system, which affects our susceptibility to infection and disease. Rejuvenated has added vitamins and antioxidants to the plant-based formula, to further support the body’s natural defence mechanisms. These potent ingredients work to enhance the delicate balance of the immune system.

     Please note that to get the maximum benefits when taking Immune Complex and Regenerate take the capsules at a different time of day.

    By taking Immune Complex every day, you are introducing important nutrients to your immune system to:

    • Immune Complex contains a blend of prebiotics and probiotics to naturally prime the digestive system. Together, these gut boosting ingredients help to build and maintain a healthy colony of bacteria and microorganisms which in turn boosts brain and heart health, improves mood and contributes to a strong immune system.
      • Boosts the digestive system
      • Supports heart health
      • Supports cognitive mental health
      • Helps to improve mood
      • Contributes to a strong immune system
      • Improves energy levels
      • Helps to alleviate respiratory disorders
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