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Dermaplaning:                               Manual exfoliation technique using a custom dermaplaning                                                             blade. Removes dead skin cells and all vellus hair.

Lymph Drainage massage:           To increase removal of toxins from the skin.

Micro Needling:                              A derma roller procedure that uses small needles to prick                                                                the skin, stimulating new cell growth for a tighter, smoother                                                            skin.


Hyaluronic Acid mask:                   Increasing the skin's ability to hold moisture and increase                                                                radiance.

                                                           Starting at £130 


The million dollar black carbon peel is a treatment containing activated carbon to help promote detoxification of the sins surface and reduce harmful free radical activity. Lactic, Ferrulic and Mandelic acids to enable repair and regeneration of the sin to promote anti aging and black ginger and liquorice extract for anti-oxidant and anti inflammatory effect.


Face Peel £90 inc neck £110  

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